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Please click on our Facebook link to see our adoptable dogs. We show our dogs regularly at Petco on 96th & Riverside, call 918-282-8593 for a list of available dogs.


Available dogs are posted weekly to The first step in the adoption process is to download and complete our adoption application: Adoption Application. You may e-mail it to or fax to 1.866.442.1846. NEXT ADOPTION EVENT: FEBRUARY 10 German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa will hold its next Adoption Event on Saturday, February 10. Come […]


German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa (GSR Tulsa) is a non-profit organization and as such we rely solely on individual donations, pet adoptions and fundraising activities to defer the costs of veterinary care, food and other items needed for our rescued dogs. Tax Deductable Donations: Our organization is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization, […]

10 Myths About Adopting A German Shepherd Dog

Myth 1: I have small children, so I want a puppy. Without a doubt, this is the most common reason people want a puppy. A sweet, small puppy just seems like the best choice for sweet, small children. You know that cute Kodak commercial with the puppies climbing all over the giggling little boy? Have […]

About GSR Tulsa

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome German Shepherd Dogs. We strive to help as many GSDs as our resources allow. Surprisingly, there are many pure bred dogs that for many different reasons, end up in shelters. GSR Tulsa helps to releive the overcrowding at shelters and is experienced in working with and placing […]

How to Adopt a Dog

If your interested in adopting a dog from us, just follow these easy steps. First visit our Adoptable Dogs page and find your favorite dog, or come visit them in person at the Petco on Riverside (on Saturdays) in Tulsa. Then, fill out our application gsrt-application.pdf and email it back to us. We we want to […]

GSD Care and Feeding

Put a tag on the dog’s collar with your address and phone number. 3 out 4 dogs lost will not be reunited with their owner because they have no identification. Keep your dog on a leash when you are outside if not in a fenced yard. Do not leave a new dog in a fenced […]

Success Stories

When you loose a long time pet it’s tough, when you loose two within a short time it’s devastating. That was the situation we were faced with not too long ago. The last thing you usually do is run out to find another dog as nothing could ever replace your old friends but… after only […]

About GSDs

German Shepherds are loyal, dependable animals that originated just as their name would indicate, from Germany. They were developed in 1899 by a German cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitza. He had a high regard for the qualities found in various types of German sheepdogs and wanted to personify these characteristics in one specific breed. […]