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German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa Foster Home Application

Instructions: Use your computer to type answers to the following questions. Save the document and rename it “(Your Name) GSR Foster Application”.
You may e-mail it to or fax to 1.866.442.1846.

Answer every line and every question. We don’t work incomplete applications.

City/State: Zip:
Your Home Phone #:
Work Phone#:
Your E-mail Address:

In order to be assured that the animal you wish to foster will be best suited to your home and lifestyle, and be placed in an environment that is compatible with its needs, please answer the following questions.

Pet History – Please list your present/past pets, most recent first.
If you haven’t had a pet as an adult, please tell us why not.

Pet’s Name:
Current Pet?
If not current pet, what happened and when?

Pet’s Name:
Current Pet?
If not current pet, what happened and when?

Pet’s Name:
Current Pet?
If not current pet, what happened and when?

Pet’s Name:
Current Pet?
If not current pet, what happened and when?

ALL Veterinarians/Clinics used for the above listed animals:

Why do you want to volunteer as a Foster Home?

Do you have any restrictions or duties you are hesitant to perform?

Please indicate your age group (15-19, 20-35, 36-49, 50 and up):
How many adults in the household?
How many children in the household?
If children in household, please list their ages:
Do you rent?
If yes, may we contact your landlord?
Deposit required?
Landlord’s name & phone number:
Do you have a fenced yard?
Type/Height of Fence:
Do you own a swimming pool?
Is it secured?
Will animals have access to the pool?

Please list 2 personal references, including their phone numbers and their relation to you:



Your signature constitutes that you understand the GSR policies regarding releasing any pet fostered by you for GSR and that you agree to abide by those policies and procedures. You fully understand that under no circumstances is any animal to be released without prior GSR approval, and the acceptance of an adoption contract which specifies the date on which that pet is to be sterilized (if not already done). You also understand that any pet fostered by you through GSR remains the property of GSR, and may only be released to a new home through the approval of at least one of the board members who has received and approved the adoption application. In addition, you also understand that, should you release a GSR animal (that has not been properly approved and authorized for release), or fail to release back to GSR any animal in your care, that you are subject to legal recourse. You also understand that any expenses you incur without prior approval from the German Shepherd Rescue, Board of Directors, shall be at your own expense. Any medical treatment is to be recorded by you and submitted to the Records Secretary to become part of that pet’s medical file.



Donations Needed



On behalf of all the homeless German Shepherds in Tulsa and the surrounding communities, THANK YOU for your support of GSR Tulsa and all our efforts in 2014!

While this year is coming to a close, it’s not too late to make a lasting lifesaving difference for the German Shepherds. Your gift is critical to our mission as we continue to fight to rescue, rehabilitate and re home GSDs. Donations in any amount help: Our address is 9521 B Riverside Pkwy Box 273 Tulsa, OK. 74137, Paypal address is or you may use the donate button to the left. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax deductible. Thank you!image


German Shepherd Rescue of Tulsa (GSR Tulsa) is a non-profit organization and as such we rely solely on individual donations, pet adoptions and fundraising activities to defer the costs of veterinary care, food and other items needed for our rescued dogs.

Two German Shepherds

Tax Deductable Donations:

Our organization is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization, which allows all donations to be tax deductible.

100% of your donations benefit our rescue dogs. All GSR Tulsa volunteers give their time and efforts to help rescue dogs without compensation.

There are several ways in which you can help us save the lives of these wonderful dogs:

  • Donate Dog Items
  • Volunteer
  • Become a Foster Home
  • Make a Contribution


We will be showing our dogs at Petco on 96th & Riverside every Saturday from 10 am to 2pm.

Please call 918-282-8593 on Friday afternoons to find out which dogs will be shown, or Look on our Facebook Page –> GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE OF TULSA <– in the album “available for adoption” to see pictures and comments from our foster homes that are currently caring for them!